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IOPWE Organization and Structure

Board of Directors

IOPWE is comprised of a Board of Directors who ensure that the organization continues to function within its set goals, vision and budget.

The current board members are:

  1. Farhana Sheikh
  2. Shehla Mushtaq
  3. Mahboob Akhtar

Executive Committee

The board interacts ONLY with the Executive Committee who are the administrators of the organization. The executive team consists of the following people:

  1. President - Wajiha Malik
  2. Treasurer/Finance - Farhana Sheikh
  3. Exec. Administrator & Membership Coordinator - Muhammad Shahab Siddiqui
  4. Communications/Web - Atika Mustafa
  5. Scholarships Coordinator - Sofia Agboatwalla

If you need to reach any member of the executive team for any reason please send mail to

The executive team is responsible for managing and running the organization on a daily basis. This is a lot of work. They ensure that there is enough money for projects and make high-level decisions that directly affect the organization and membership.

Each member of the executive team is responsible for recruiting volunteers to help them with their tasks. The president for example is responsible for managing the project leaders and other members of the executive team.

The president sets the vision and goals for the organization upon approval from the Board of Directors.

Project Leads

In addition to the executive team, we have members who have initiated
projects and are known as project leads; each project consists of the lead and a few other members who are committed to implementing the project.

Some projects and their leads are listed below:

  1. Mentor Program Coordinator - Sophia Hasnain
  2. IOPWE Fundraising - West Coast: Farhana Sheikh
  3. IOPWE School Visits Program - Hina Naqvi and Nabiha Mauiyyedi
  4. Marketing Coordinator - Fariha Avais
  5. Newsletter Editor - Uzma Khan

Local chapters

  1. SF-Bay Area Chapter President - Open
  2. Islamabad Chapter President - Durdana Rauf
  3. Karachi Chapter President - Rabia Azfar
  4. Peshawar Chapter President - Saba Mahmood
  1. Ex-Presidents: Farhana Sheikh , Zahra Jamshed , Risa Altaf , Nabiha Mauiyyedi

If you need to reach any project lead for any reason please send mail to



The International Organization of Pakistani Women Engineers

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