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"IOPWE Adopt A School" Project

IOPWE plans to adopt a girls school in the earthquake stricken area of Northern Pakistan. We are currently working towards forming a project committee and defining our task force. The objective of this project is to build a school for girls that is seismic safe so our future generations will have a better chance at survival if God forbid this calamity were to occur again. We will be working with local authorities and organizations in Pakistan to accomplish our goal.

The executive team requests that our members irrespective of their geographical location, respond to this mail if they would like to be part of our task force. Once we form this committee we would outline our fund-raising campaign along with aligning teams in Pakistan area to estimate the work required.

If you feel like you can make a difference in a girl's life by contributing any resources including any contacts in Pakistan, organizing fund-raising events, an "IOPWE Adopt A School" walk in your area, financial support and most importantly your time and enthusiasm, please respond quickly to this mail and mention how you would like to contribute to this cause. Please continue to visit our website for project updates.

You can send in your response on our email address: with subject "IOPWE Adopt A School".

- Hina Naqvi
President, IOPWE



The International Organization of Pakistani Women Engineers

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